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SincerelyFaith was inspired by a few different things lifestyle and traveling, urban exploration and my sense of style. I like the concept of chic, simple and minimalist. In which chase I implanted those key factors into building my website.

I didn’t want to just focus on one specific area to  blog about because my life revolves around various hobbies. Lifestyle and travel focuses on the places and experiences I’ve been to.  I’ve traveled quite frequently in my life and during my trips I enjoy taking photographs of things I don’t see on a regular basis. Urban Exploration is slightly the same but I focus more on the nature side of life. Hiking and exploring the wild is extremely vital in my life because it balances work and school life. And while exploring I also capture moments of comfort. Lastly and the one I enjoy the most is my fashion section. With fashion I collaborate with different bloggers all around the world to share different fashion sense. We build on them and share it with people who enjoy our style. I do my best to “post outfit of the day” photos as often as I can to inspire others in their wardrobes and daily looks.

I find blogging and building your own website a joy. Sharing your taste of life to the world is a exceptional things to do. The reward that comes with that are different people  being able to connect and share their experiences with you as well. To think someone from Africa or Russia are reading and scrolling through my content is an unthinkable and amazing thing. D, Kate. (2001) explains that social media can be formed in many ways. It has  created weblogs, social blogs and many forms of social interaction. According to (University Communication and Public Affairs n.d.) social media in the 21st century plays an important role of connecting and sharing. Social media is a good source to share information, connect with different audiences, raise money for charities and many other things. Some of the challenges that I encountered during my process of building my website was the lack in text. In my opinion with my website being an artistic and photo based site I felt text would be a distraction for my viewers.

I’ve debated for a couple of months now on whether or not I should keep “SincerelyFaith”. Most of my work right now is through instagram. With instagram, I’ve noticed I get more feed from people instantly. It is easier to find people (ie different bloggers or photographers)  with the same interest or to do collaborations with. LePage,E. (2015) talks about why instagram is so crucial for marketing in the social media world. Instagram is not only a photo sharing application but a source to build your brand. It can increase your product brand, it is a traffic to your website and brand awareness. I think instagram is a great platform especially when you can incorporate  photography, fashion and other sorts of interest together and maybe at the same make money. However I love my website I am most likely going to continue building on it. Being an online publisher can be very challenging at times. WIth millions of people reading and critiquing your work can sometimes be unmotivating. One of the biggest things that hit me was the consistent need to be better. For example, taking better photos, changing up your style and coming up with new and creative ideas. All of it can be stressful but I’ve learned to take it as I go. And not focus too much on comparing my work with other successful website but to consistently improve and build on what I already have.

In publishing 101, I had no doubt on what I would blog about or the challenges I would come across. But one things I’ve learned is that building and being consistent with your website is extremely important and challenging. You must be diligent in posting and updating your site frequently.  There were times where I was frustrated with customizing my website to look exactly as I imagined it to be. Coding, google analytics and  figuring out how to implement different applications were also challenging. However with that being said it was also a learning experiences that I enjoyed it very much. I found this course very efficient, our weekly assignments were based on things that I loved. There’s nothing more rewarding than to be studying the things you love the most.


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This week I spent sometime gong over my interaction with my audience through  SincerelyFaith and my Instagram. I’ve noticed some of the key factors to keep in mind are to  be consistent with your followers. Post what your followers want to see. For example if you have a fashion blog keep posting things that involve fashion. Once you have stray aware from what your blog was meant to be you might lose viewers instantly. Recently I’ve noticed it can be challenging to keep posting what your viewers want to see because I like posting everything I find artistic. However If I want to keep up with my active followers and sustain the growth  I need to revaluate  exactly to  what my page is about. Because it can’t be everything.


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This week I focused and brainstormed a lot on WordPress and the changes and improvements i have noticed in the past couple of years. The first time I used WordPress was about 8 years ago when I started building my photography blog. At that time I was still in high school and my knowledge on blogs and website worked wasn’t very advanced. However WordPress made it extremely easy to access and developed. The inly thing that i didn’t like about it was there were fewer options in choosing your templates which enabled me to have the exact theme I wanted. Fast forward to 2015, WordPress has had many improvements you’re allowed to customize and change things around more. The ranges in template choices has also had many improvements. In the sense of the designs are more modern and simple. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that the quality in photos after uploading has improved substantially. WordPress cite has also included videos to guide and help you while using the their program which makes it even more effect when you’re stumbling across difficulties.

Peer Marketing

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This week, I was assigned to critic Natasha’s website. I find her page interesting in the sense that she covers a lot of tips and “cool” facts on places she’s traveled to.

Some of the things that I would advise and recommend based on a marketing boost would be to co-ordinate the the sections. Giving the viewer a cleaner and eye catching experience. If possible, getting ride of the all the side bars as they are a big distraction.

The content of this blog is very detailed however maybe blowing up the pictures to a medium size and smaller portion of text. The header image of the website is always a nice touch especially if the blog/website is about traveling. For this blog specifically I would recommend replacing the head photo to something more “travel” orientated as well as the photo being slightly brighter and clearer.

All in all the website is great, just some minor visual marketing things that I would strongly recommend as it could increase the amount of viewers.